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Compumedics NeuroMedical Supplies:

The natural choice for your NeuroScan Systems. With a full range of products including the sensational Quik-Cap. An EEG electrode positioning system with some serious thought behind it. Quik-Cap's highly elastic fabric provides a uniform fit over a wide range of head sizes and variability. Quik-Cap is available in different sizes with 32 to 256 channels and sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes are recommended.

Electrode Arrays:

Innovative Electrode Applications for Physiological Research and Clinical use . Standard montage configurations available in 21-256 channel versions. All configurations are also available in a MRI compatible version.

Easy Cap (Falk Minow Services):

Modular EEG Recording Caps. Developed by Falk Minow Services with Ag/AgCl sintered ring shaped electrodes and caps of different sizes.

Electro-Cap International Inc.

Manufacturers of Electro-Caps. Electro-Caps are an EEG recording technique. They are made of an elastic spandex-type fabric with recessed, pure tin electrodes attached to the fabric.

Electrocap International Easy Cap Electrode Arrays Neuromedical Supplies

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