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Customer Services

Our customer services department is committed to providing service excellence as it relates to processing purchase orders, delivery, technical support and customer service. We'll be happy to assist you or to answer any questions you might have. We are committed to providing a caring culture in which the highest priority is given to customer service. You can contact us for services or information via the Web, e-mail, mail, fax or by phone. We are here to help...

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Request a catalogue.

E-mail our Technical Support Department.

Email Neuroscan Technical Support

E-mail Technical Support for Neuroscan system issues.

For Users in the UK, Ireland, Spain and France you can email us at:

AME Technical Support E-mail: techsup@advancedmedicalequipment.com

or for Neuroscan Products

Neuroscan's Technical Support: techsup@neuro.com (valid also for users worldwide)

Service Maintenance Agreements

Information on Service Maintenance Options and agreement

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance options for your Medical and Research systems

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