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Here you will find information on the products we have for the UK, Ireland and France.


A world leading developer of software and hardware for EEG, ERPs, Source Localization and Functional Neuroimaging, Neuroscan provides complete solutions for a wide range of Neuroscience applications. Neuroscan is dedicated to developing the most sophisticated tools for the investigation of the central nervous system. Neuroscan's research and development team is working to evolve high density EEG recordings into a true functional neuroimaging method.


Clinical Diagnostic systems for neurophysiology.
Compumedics offers diagnostic systems for laboratory, ambulatory and portable applications.


Clinical Diagnostic systems for sleep disorders. Compumedics is a global leader in developing and manufacturing diagnostic technologies for sleep and associated disorders. Compumedics offers diagnostic systems for laboratory, ambulatory and portable applications.


Artinis Medical Systems is an innovative Dutch company active in the field of medical research and quality assurance. Artinis Medical Systems manufacture NIRS devices. The PortaMon and the PortaLite are highly portable and wireless NIRS devices. The OxyMon is our very versatile multichannel NIRS system. Our near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) devices can be used to monitor oxygen supply non-invasively in living tissue (both brain and muscle).


Rimed is a high-tech and dynamic medical device company, specializing in the development, manufacturing and marketing of transcranial Doppler (TCD) systems. Their products are mainly offered to Neurology departments and Stroke units.

With over 5,000 installations worldwide, Rimed has become a reputable brand name in the field of transcranial Doppler (TCD) technology.


The natural choice for your NeuroScan Systems. With a full range of products including the sensational Quik-Cap.

Electrodes, sensor and all supplies for Neurology and Sleep laboratories.

Solutions for:

Solutions for:

Solutions for:

Solutions for:

Solutions for:

Solutions for:


VPixx Technologies serves the vision research community by developing innovative hardware and software tools for vision scientists and creating solutions in the fields of psychophysics, electrophysiology, cognition, and fMRI.

The vision science community has been asking for a new display technology to replace CRTs, and VPixx Technologies has been listening!

Solutions for:

NuAmps GRAEL Research SynAmps RT STIM2

+ Neuroscan products

E-Series EEG Xegis EMG/EP Siesta 802 EEG Neuvo LTM

+ Compumedics products

Grael EEG
Grael PSG Somté PSG Somté Cardio-Respiratory Somnea respiratory

+ Compumedics Sleep products

+ Rimed products


+ Artinis Medical Systems products

Quik-Cap EEG Quik-Cells AME-NMS Catalogue AME-NMS Catalogue

+ Vpixx Technologies products

+ Neuromedical supplies products

Visual Stimulators TOUCHPixx
PROPixx Subject Feedback Visual Stimulus Displays


The Black Box Toolkit Ltd is dedicated to improving the timing accuracy and experimental rigor of researchers in the behavioural and brain sciences. We provide hardware, software and consultancy solutions across a wide range of fields that make use of computerized investigation in order to make this a reality.

Solutions for:

+ The Black Box ToolKit  products

Profusion PSG4 Black Box ToolKit v2 4/8 button USB response pad USB response box Curry 8


NordicNeuroLab product line features a seamlessly integrated set of hardware components and software applications that can also be used separately to simplify the complex operations associated with fMRI.

Solutions for:

AudioSystem ResponseGrip SyncBox VisualSystem

+ NordicNeurolab products

Digi-Lite™ IPProbe Holder LMY-3™Digi-Lite™


Medoc Ltd., is a leading developer and manufacturer of neuro-diagnostic medical systems used to assess and monitor acute and chronic pain. Their products are based on technologies that test and evaluate the function of small and large peripheral sensory nerve fibers – an important value added tool for the burgeoning pain management market.

Solutions for:

+ Medoc products

PATHWAY Q-Sense CPM AlgoMed TSA-II NeuroSensory Analizer


Wearable Sensing is a growing, California-based limited liability company focused on the development of wearable sensing technology and its potential applications. Based on 20 years of innovation and research, Wearable Sensing’s Dry Electrode Technology provides research-grade data without the need for skin preparation or gels.

Solutions for:

+ Wearable Sensing products

Wearable Sensing Wearable Sensing Wearable Sensing Wearable Sensing