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CURRY Scan NuAmps Express

The CURRY Scan NuAmps Express is a research grade digital EEG and ERP recording system. It is comprised of three main components, the NuAmps amplifiers, the CURRY acquisition and analysis software (Acquisition and Signal Processing modules), and the STIM2 system for stimulus presentation (Software Only version).

CURRY Scan NuAmps Express will record EEG and conduct spectral analysis, coherence and topographic mapping. Evoked potentials (EP) and event related potentials (ERP) can be recorded, averaged and processed in real-time. Event related spectral analysis, coherence and time frequency measures can be computed. Amplitude and latency measures, peak detection and comparative statistics are provided. Full data processing tools to remove noise, reduce artifacts, and decompose complex signals are included. Click HERE for more details.




Hardware/Computer Requirements

 The CURRY Scan NuAmps Express system requires two computers to be fully operational, one for CURRY and the NuAmps and the other for the STIM2 system. In typical configurations these computers will be laptops running Windows XP (32 bit) Professional operating system (STIM2), and Windows XP (32 bit) or Windows 7 (32 bit) for CURRY. Minimum specifications for the computers are Pentium 4 processors, 256 MB RAM, and 64 MB video RAM. The computer must support USB and USB2 connections.


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CURRY Scan NuAmps Express