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NIRS Products :

Artinis Medical Systems


Artinis Medical Systems has a long history in optical oximetry, in special, near infrared spectroscopy or NIRS.

We offer three main products:

The Oxymon

A fast and reliable continuous wave NIRS instrument. This product is generally recognized as the most sensitive and versatile on the market.

The PortaMon

a wireless portable device with the size of a cell phone. This instrument is ideally suited for measurements on the sports field, but of course not limited to that.

The PortaLite

our latest NIRS monitor. This wireless portable instrument is based on PortaMon technology and it is ideally suited for measurements in the brain during everyday activity.


To save your valuable time, we have also developed simple to use software for data analysis, named Oxysoft, which can calculate all the variables you are interested in.

Oxymon PortaMon PortaLite Oxysoft